Questions and Answers about Light Painted Art

What subjects can be light painted?

In it's simplest form, any three dimensional object, we are not limited to cars. This can be from small creations to buildings. The most popular are cars, aircraft, motorcycles, etc. We are only limited by imagination.
When will I see the initial image?

Your finished work of art will be completed and ready to view within 2-3 days after the photo shoot. The printed versions chosen will be ready within three weeks.
Can I be in the photos?

Sure, we welcome the opportunity for the owner / spouse to be in the photo as well. We will photograph the object as normal then photograph you separately. This will also give you two images for display.
What is involved in securing this type photo shoot?

You will meet with Keith to discuss ideas and details of the shoot. The location will be the primary discussion and then scheduling. Click on "Commission" in the menu for more details.
I know someone who would love to have a work of art such as this, are gift certificates available?

Yes, personalized gift certificates are available by contacting Keith at the studio, using the Contact in the menu. Gift certificates are available for the photo shoot by itself or any amount over that. Any amount over the photo shoot fee will be applied towards the purchase of prints.
How much does it cost to do a light painting?

The cost involved greatly varies depending on location, complexity and subject matter being photographed. While everyone will be different, you can expect to spend a minimum of $1000. On location photo shoots requiring location scouting and preplanning will be more. The light painting fee will be separate from any printed images ordered. The investments will be covered in your consultation.